First Haitian Baptist Church of Marion County
Première Eglise Baptiste Haïtienne de Marion County - PREBHMC


                               "The resurrected and glorified Christ said to the church in Ephesus: " have forsaken the love you had at                                    first." That which was to be corrected in the church was its practice of true love. The Resurrected and                                                glorified  Lord commended the doctrine of the church (orthodoxy) but it needed to adjust its practices                                              (orthopraxis). So then, the Lord summoned the church to love both in the vertical dimension of love (God)                                        and the horizontal dimension of it (the neighbor) as the Lord had so clearly explained it in Matthew 22:37-39:                                  "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. ...Love your neighbor as yourself." Here is the formula Christ recommended to His church: orthodxy (the correctness of beliefs) + orthopraxis (the correctness of action) = TRUE LOVE. Nothing less."

"I am going to heaven not because I am in myself perfect/without sin but because Christ died for me and that I believe in Him and his redemptive work accomplished by His death and resurrection. By faith in Christ I am positionally sanctified and now I am being (progressively) sanctified by the works of the Holy Spirit and I am being transformed into the image of Christ until the time of my glorification. This is my living hope." JSA

"I am deeply saddened by many things in this 21rst century. One of them is the gradual replacement of the true preaching of the Christian faith/of the cross by the proclamation of the so called gospel of material prosperity as the end of serving the Almighty God." Joel St Amour

"It is infinitely easier to forgive than to carry the load of a grudge and it is a deadly thing to try to live with a guilty conscience." Joel St Amour.

"The simplest act of kindness and the simplest expression of appreciation can be the most powerful and uplifting thing that there can be especially when they come from a pure and sincere heart."Joel St Amour

"God, in His sovereignty, created man/woman with a free will. Humans were created to glorify the LORD in every way.
Man's free will is an indispensible element of humanity. In fact, if man/woman did not have it, he/she would not be a being created in the image of God. He/she would be anything else except a man or a woman. He/she might be a machine or a robot or something alike.

So, as a free being, a man/woman is able to refuse the will of the LORD over his/ her life. But when that happens, the monster automatically rises and rules. For nature abhors the void . Wherever it is found, it fills it. The principle then is when we refuse to submit to the LORD's rule , the monster rises and rules whether in the heart, in society, in institutions or in government.

Please do not say no to the LORD!"

Joel St Amour